Central Heat

You want your home to be comfortable for your family and guests, even on the coldest nights of the year. A natural gas central furnace provides air that really feels warm and comfortable.

Conditioned air from a gas furnace flows from your vents at temperatures between 120º and 135ºF, compared to 90º to 95ºF from an electric heat pump. The air from the electric unit will eventually heat your home, but because it is cooler than your body temperature, the air feels drafty and uncomfortable to your skin. With natural gas, you don't have to wait to feel warm. The heating instantly begins when you turn up your thermostat.

Gas furnaces are very reliable and won't need replacing for 20 years (on average). And the great part is that natural gas heat can save you hundreds of dollars per year, compared to electric furnaces. For the ultimate in money and energy savings, install a high-efficiency natural gas furnace.

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