The Arkansas Gas Association (AGA) was incorporated to promote the natural gas industry in the state of Arkansas. In 1993 the AGA developed the Gas Appliance Specialist (GAS) program and in 1994, GAS, Inc. was formed as a separate entity.

Each year the program is sponsored by the local gas companies including Centerpoint Energy and Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation as well as other companies within the natural gas industry. The capital, contributed annually, is invested in State-wide advertising.

Revenues used for cooperative advertising are also solicited from manufacturing and distribution companies. This capital supports the advertising campaign and the GAS program while simultaneously promoting brand and/or dealer specific products or services.

To become a GAS member and take advantage of State-wide promotional advertising, fill out the GAS Member Application and return it to the GAS offices. Once the application is approved, each new member will receive point of sale materials.

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