Gas Cooking

Recent surveys have shown that more than 97% of chefs and cooking professionals prefer gas cooking products over electric. Many techniques used for preparing meals simply cannot be satisfactorily performed on an electric element. Gas cooking products allow instant on/off and infinitely variable levels of temperature control. Gas burners also provide significantly higher temperature capability (BTUs) than even the heavy-duty electric elements.

Gas ovens actually add moisture to foods as they cook. The natural convection action of a gas oven seals in moisture as it cooks the food from the outside in. And the gentle heat from a gas oven leaves food looking and tasting more appealing. It's no wonder that people who cook for a living insist on cooking with gas.

Gas cooking products last an average of 6 years longer than comparable electric models (21 years vs. 15 years). Modern gas products feature self-cleaning ovens, sealed surface burners and upswept cooktops for easy cleanup. Decorators frequently specify commercial-looking stainless steel ranges, ovens, and cooktops in their upscale residential projects. The advantages of cooking with gas are clear. Why not insist upon the best for your family?

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