Gas Lights

The warm glow of an outdoor gaslight is a dependable way to welcome guests to your home. Natural gaslights have a soft glow that produces plenty of light - without the harsh glare of an electric bulb. And you'll never notice annoying moths and insects gathering around your gaslight.

No matter the weather conditions, you can count on natural gas lighting. Because gaslights require no electricity to operate, you can feel safe and secure throughout the night in even the worst storms.

There is a gaslight for just about any outdoor use: around your home, along the driveway, in the garden, around the pool, in an entryway, on the patio or next to your natural gas grill. Each is built to be weatherproof and sturdy to last for years to come. A variety of attractive styles are available in copper, brass and cast aluminum to fit the décor of your home.

With easy installation and all of these convenient advantages, there's no reason to wait for your new gaslight.

Photo credit: Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights

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