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Why & How to Join

Arkansas Gas Association was created to promote the natural gas industry in the state of Arkansas. Please join us!


College Scholarship Program

Each year, AGA awards college scholarships to children of AGA member companies to offset the ever-growing expenses that come with college attendance. This is a reward for students' hard work and an encouragement for furthered education & dedication to our community. 


Gas Appliance Specialists (GAS) Program

The GAS Program is sponsored by local gas companies to promote natural gas use across our great state. Revenues are used for cooperative advertising, as well as promoting brand-specific products or services.


Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) Specialists Program

Promote the preferred dealers of NGV/CNG in Arkansas via statewide referrals & recognition. Open to Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) dealers, NGV/CNG conversion installers, NGV/CNG fuel stations, equipment companies, and other support.