Natural Gas Vehicles

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an abundant clean-burning alternative to gasoline and other transportation fuel. There are approximately 110,000 natural gas vehicles currently operating in the United States and 12,000,000 worldwide.

Why Compressed Natural Gas?
CNG is Clean
Compressed Natural Gas vehicles improve air quality through reduced emissions, including:

  • 20-30% less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

  • 70-90% less carbon monoxide (CO) emissions

  • 75-95% less nitrogen oxide(NOx) emissions

  • 90% reduction in particle matter (PM) emissions

CNG is Affordable
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an affordable alternative when compared to gasoline or diesel fuel. CNG can reduce fuel costs by more than 50% while delivering the same power and performance. Natural gas prices are independent of imported oil prices and are not affected by refinery limitations or interruptions.

Other Benefits
Local supplies of natural gas are used when producing compressed natural gas (CNG) which in turn supports local jobs, paying gas royalties to local property owners, stimulating our local economy and reducing the amount of American dollars being sent to foreign countries to buy oil.

Where Can I Get Compressed Natural Gas?

Find CNG stations & prices near you!

Financial Incentives
Arkansas - "Rebates for CNG refueling stations"
The Arkansas Energy Office will award rebates through its Clean Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program. Currently, no funds are available through this Program. To learn more, please visit

Additional Information

Additional CNG videos are available from CNG Prices and Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp. For more information on Natural Gas Vehicles, please visit CNG Prices and NGVAmerica, or watch the video above!

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