Outdoor Rooms

The demand for natural gas is continuing to grow due to the tremendous comfort and convenience it provides. In fact, natural gas is the number one heating source in America. The many uses of natural gas are now moving from inside the home to the great outdoors.

Outdoor rooms are a great way to add tremendous value and increase relaxation. Homeowners are designing their outdoor rooms like a vacation spot by including pools, spas, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens to create an exceptional environment for relaxing and entertaining family and friends.

If you want to extend the summer season, heat is a necessity. The key to providing the same comfort outside as you experience inside is natural gas. Natural gas offers the most beautiful and convenient options which include outdoor fireplaces, natural gas chimineas, infrared heaters, and patio flames.

Outdoor fireplaces with clean-burning vented gas logs provide tremendous warmth without the hassle of gathering or buying wood. With gas logs, you also eliminate the concern of flying embers, ash cleanup, and increased smoke.

An outdoor room would not be complete without an outdoor kitchen. Built in stainless steel appliances such as natural gas grills, refrigerators, and other amenities help move the kitchen outside. Friends and family can still enjoy the fun and fellowship of cooking and eating together but in an outdoor environment.

To also help in extending the summer season, a natural gas water heater for your pool or hot tub is very beneficial. The efficiency of the natural gas pool and spa heaters ensures that you will have plenty of hot water at all times. In considering the investment that you have already made in your pool or hot tub, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use it as much as possible?

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