Gas Grills

Everyone loves a backyard cookout, but what if you could feed the crowd faster - in any kind of weather - for less money? With a natural gas grill you don't have to mess with charcoal and lighter fluids or the chore of constantly changing fuel tanks. There's never a fear of running out of fuel in the middle of cooking a meal. And gas grills warm up quickly, eliminating the delays and guesswork associated with charcoal.

Meals prepared on a gas grill have all the taste you expect from outdoor cooking. As you grill the food drippings hit the heated briquettes and are turned into smoke, which circulates inside the grill to create that delicious barbecue flavor your family and guests enjoy.

Today's gas grills feature ceramic briquettes that spread heat evenly and can be reversed for easy self-cleaning. Another feature is porcelain-coated cooking grids that resist rust and corrosion. Post or cart models are available for easy installation. With a variety of styles and features to choose from, gas grills allow you the pleasure of entertaining outdoors without the messy preparation or difficult cleanup.