Water Heaters

Gas water heaters provide far more hot water at a much lower cost than comparable electric models. In fact, one of the most significant energy-saving choices you can make in the typical home is to install a gas water heater, rather than electric. Modern gas products do the job safely and efficiently.

Proper sizing of your hot water heater is an important element of energy efficiency. A water heater with too small a tank capacity will not provide enough hot water and one with too large a capacity could be an energy waster.

Your family can enjoy hot water, even during electric power outages with a gas water heater that vents vertically through the roof or horizontally through an adjacent outside wall. When necessary, power vent models (vented through a roof or outside wall up to 40 feet away) require electricity to operate the blower that assists with exhaust removal.

For the most hot water for the lowest operating cost, please inquire about a natural gas tankless water heater. They are so energy efficient that the Federal Government is offering a $300 tax credit if you install one in 2006 or 2007.