Scholarship Program

College Scholarship Program

The Arkansas Gas Association (AGA) is offering scholarships to assist the students with tuition, fees, books, and on-campus room and board. The Scholarship program is only open to dependents of employees of AGA member companies who are in good standing and will be a freshman in pursuit of an undergraduate degree at a two- or four-year accredited college, university or technical school in the fall.


For the safety of our members and staff, we will be accepting applications only via fax or scan from today until the deadline, March 31st. With most staff members in the office working remotely, our access in the office will be limited. We appreciate your understanding as we work through these changes. 

The application package must be submitted either by scan or fax.

Scan and email to

Fax to (225) 767-7648

Click here to download the AGA Scholarship Application (PDF format)

All questions should be directed to the AGA office by calling (225) 767-7640 or emailing

Terms & Conditions

AGA will award several $1,000 scholarships each year. The number of scholarships each year may vary.

AGA will award scholarships to the applicants judged to be the most worthy by the Scholarship Selection Committee. This committee is made up of a cross-section of members from AGA member categories. The selections made by the Scholarship Selection Committee are approved by the AGA Board of Directors and will be final.

Applicants must submit the following data for consideration:

  1. A completed application. An incomplete application will not be considered.

  2. A one (1) page essay that addresses the following points:
    a.  Concise explanation of the type and amount of non-paid involvement in community service, the length of involvement, the reasons for participation and the personal rewards received from these activities.
    b.  Why you believe you deserve this scholarship.
    c.  Concise discussion of what goals this scholarship award will help you to attain. The entire essay must be typed, and may not exceed one page in length.

  3. Your most recent cumulative high school transcript showing your GPA.

  4. A recommendation letter from a teacher, coach, principal or pastor explaining why they believe you deserve this scholarship.

Payment of the scholarship will be made by check and presented to each award recipient prior to the start of the fall semester. Providing the student has submitted proof of registration to a qualified school of their choice. Scholarship recipients will be recognized at the AGA Annual Conference, which is held each fall.

The application package must be submitted either by scan or fax.

Scan and email to

Fax to (225) 767-7648

Previous Recipients


  • Ashlan Ball - Daughter of Jerry Ball of Enable Midstream

  • Taren Chism - Daughter of Shannon Chism of CenterPoint Energy

  • Haley Flute - Daughter of Jeffrey Flute of AOG

  • Olivia Franks - Daughter of Michael Franks of Black Hills Energy

  • Molly Gritus - Daughter of Michael Gritus of AOG

  • Taylor Hardester - Daughter of Ricky Hardester of Enable Midstream

  • Anna Koch - Daughter of Timothy Koch of Black Hills Energy

  • Ethan Masingale - Son of Wesley Masingale of Black Hills Energy

  • Katelyn McCormick - Daughter of Thomas McCormick of Black Hills Energy

  • Lori Milsaps - Daughter of Gregory Millsaps of EEG

  • Sydni Vick - Daughter of Steven Vick of Enable Midstream

  • Abigail Watters - Daughter of Daniel Watters of Miller Pipeline


  • Whitney Brown - Daughter of Royce Brown of ARKUPS

  • Kelly Carson - Daughter of Douglas Carson of AOG./Summit Utilities

  • Ethan Chism - Son of Darrin Chism of Summitt Utilities Missouri 

  • Christian Evans - Son of Roscoe Evans of Black Hills Energy

  • Drake Evans - Son of James Evans of CenterPoint Energy

  • Tehya Hinkson - Daughter of Eddie Hinkson of Ditch Witch of Arkansas

  • Holly Hodges - Daughter of Scott Hodges of CenterPoint Energy

  • Blake Huffman - Son of Steven Huffman, Jr. of AOG/Summit Utilities

  • Madison Kendrick - Daughter of Robert Kendrick of Enable Midstream

  • Cooper Passmore - Son of Stephanie Passmore of AOG/Summit Utilities

  • Dillon Thomas - Son of Devin Thomas of AOG/Summit Utilities

  • Christine Thompson - Daughter of Stephen Thompson of Enable Midstream

  • John Zimmerman - Son of Keith Zimmerman of EEG 


  • Elizabeth Beam - Daughter of Roger Beam of Black Hills Energy

  • William Calvert - Son of Tim Calvert of Black Hills Energy

  • Logan Dean - Son of Steve Griffin of AOG

  • Holly Donahoe - Daughter of Tony Donahoe of CenterPoint Energy

  • Abigail Graves - Daughter of Kyrrah Graves of Vermeer MidSouth

  • Ashlee Hankins - Daughter of James Hankins of CenterPoint Energy

  • Taylor Kittinger - Daughter of Keith Kittinger of CenterPoint Energy

  • Madison Matthews - Daughter of Chris Matthews of CenterPoint Energy

  • Darrin McFall - Son of Robert McFall of Black Hills Energy

  • Erin McNully - Daughter of Vernon McNully of CenterPoint Energy

  • Kylee Milliken - Daughter of Don Milliken of CenterPoint Energy

  • James Stewart - Son of Melissa Robinson of AOG

  • Derek Zimmerman - Son of Keith Zimmerman of EEG


  • Taelor Acord - Daughter of Scott Acord of Enable Midstream

  • Aubrey Brink - Daughter of Jim Brink of Black Hills Energy

  • Kayla Earnest - Daughter of Donnie Earnest of Enable Midstream

  • Adyson Holt - Daughter of Kyle Holt of AOG

  • Brittney Laney - Daughter of Jeff Laney of Black Hills Energy

  • Caitlin Laney - Daughter of Jeff Laney of Black Hills Energy

  • Jessica McDaris - Daughter of Patrick McDanis of Mesa Products

  • Lorrel Passmore - Daughter of Stephanie Passmore of AOG

  • Montanna Ramey - Daughter of Robert Ramey of AOG

  • Faith Reynolds - Daughter of Jemmie Reynolds of CenterPoint Energy

  • Matthew Strickland - Son of Greg Strickland of CenterPoint Energy


  • Colton Battles - Son of Clifton Battles of AOG

  • Hannah Calhoun - Daughter of Brian Calhoun of CenterPoint Energy

  • Micah Gibbons - Daughter of Michael Gibbons of Continuum Energy

  • Tori Hepler - Daughter of Michael Hepler of SourceGas

  • Heather Hollis - Daughter of Brian Hollis of Source Gas

  • Timothy Keplinger - Son of Philip Keplinger of SourceGas

  • Grant Koch - Son of Timothy Koch of SourceGas

  • Lyndsie Koonce - Daughter of Russell Koonce of CenterPoint Energy

  • Jennah Passmore - Daughter of Stephanie Passmore of AOG

  • Matthew Ray - Son of Rodney Ray of CenterPoint Energy

  • Sadie Sawyers - Daughter of Charles Sawyers of SourceGas


  • Hannah Cummings - Daughter of J. Brad Cummings with CenterPoint Energy

  • Garrett Gentry - Son of William Gentry of AOG

  • Miranda Harness - Daughter of Jason Harness of Enable Midstream

  • Sara Koch - Daughter of James Koch of SourceGas

  • Cody Thompson - Son of Stephan Thompson of CenterPoint Energy

  • Karlee Uhiren - Daughter of Jeff Uhiren of Enable Midstream 

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